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Honeymoon suite with two beds at the hotel Roma.

Tempers flare and machete fight ensues between two families.

Through the narrow streets of Cadiz, Spain, partygoers celebrate Carnaval.

Ismet in the evening outside the shed, having a cigarette as the kids played by candlelight.

Two Albanian looters run from a photographer being caught looting Gypsie houses. Albanians see Gypsies as enemies because they sided with the Serbs during the war.

Despite the long odds of becoming a citizen, Arta is dazzled by her new country and says she'll never go back to Kosovo. Her future in Germany is uncertain, but for now it's a dream come true.

Mother Elife's hand is stamped with a number by German immigration.

The daily routine goes on, including shaving.

A mother clutches her child as she passes a Macedonian soldier. Macedonia resisted building the camps, not wanting the influx of refugees.

Barbed wire separated refugees in the camps from the outside world.