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Sam Borschuk at Jacksonville elementary school, Baltimore County, with is daily nebulizer, a treatment for asthma. He is allergic to many things, including peanut butter and things made from Latex.

Indonesian's held their freest elections in 44 years with remarkable peace in May. Democracy fever on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, as children dance on top of buses campaigning for their candidate. 48 parties registered for the parliamentary…

Often paid to show greater support, ruling Golkar party supporters reacted to speeches during a rally in Jakarta.

Young boys rushed off to attend a Hindu festival in the mountains of central Bali.

A mother and her family in Puli mourn the death of her son killed in Taiwan's worst earthquake in centuries.

An ethnic Chinese man with his child gets a ride home from a local rickshaw driver in Sarabaya, Indonesia.

East Timor has been kept in chaos by the culture of violence inflicted by Indonesia where children have more access to toy guns than education.

A policeman punches a student demonstrator in the face during clashes in central Jakarta.

A man of swimming in the polluted Jailing river in Chongqing where economic boom has led to rapid development.

Bong Bong's Carrying ducks off the ferry after traveling for hours up the Yangtze River to Chongqing.