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Tata takes a hit, lit by a lighter that looks like a gun. She claims it has fooled people. She smokes in an abandoned building where Andy keeps dogs.

Young the moms and their babies play side-by-side in the Brooklyn summer.

The Fourth World People agree to help, supplying paint and assistance. The kids chose 'what I want to be when I grow up' as the theme, and traced themselves on to the wall.

The kids got permission from the new owner of the HUD house to keep their dogs there until he fixed it up. They decided to jump from the roof to the mattress in the yard next door and help the dogs to go in.

Andy plays around in the hallway while Tata lights up. The electricity is off in the family's apartment and is hot in the summer.

Mona and Tanika compensate for lack of a nearby playground by making their own seesaw. Louise, in the foreground, pretends to cover her eyes for a game of hide and seek.

The corner where a death squad 'The Black Shadow' has been killing youths with gang tattoos in a new ' social cleansing' policy.

Deported L.A. gang members dance to rap music and make up their own lyrics about their Hollywood neighborhood in Los as they call L.A.

The violent gang task force of the Immigration Service, which formed after the L.A. riots, detaines immigrant youth for police and status checks.

18th Street is the largest Latino gang in L.A. with 20,000 members. Salvadoransjoin this gang when they live in areas the gang controls.