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Qafa E Prushit, Albania, April 1999. After crossing the small border post of Qafa E Prushit, Kosovo Albanian refugee is being driven down to Kukes where they can get better aid help.

Pristina, Kosovo, January 1999. Poster wall in the streets of Pristina with a poster of the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.

Henry rallies other motel residents to take action in force management to make repairs. He refers Earl to a tenants' rights book.

Henry, a Vietnam War veteran, has found a deep tenderness in caring for his children. He comforts Cailee who is sick with a fever.

Henry joins a room full of mothers snapping pictures on the first day of kindergarten. Michelle was PTA vice president and school volunteer.

Cody, 5, is devastated by Michelle's leaving, as are all the children. Each escapes into a private world of pain instead of consoling each other.

Boys from the motel stop by to flirt with Cassie, 11, while Michelle and Henry look out. Cassie later comments, 'Ryan is so funny when he's stoned. '

Agunmanu Chiejine, Lagos, Nigeria.

Agunmanu Chiejine, the national team goalie. Lagos, Nigeria.

Horses being hosed down after the race to remove the salt from their skin. The stable area, Harold park.