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Salvadoran parents find it difficult to cope with their wayward kids. It's several weeks since this woman's son left home for his gang.

The murder of six Jesuits priests by the Salvadoran army was a turning point in ending the war. But many more refugees fled to the U.S..

Met Krasniqi, A 35 year-old Albanian man from Drenica, has his toenails trimmed by his mother, Feride Krasniqi, 60. His foot problem causes some difficulty walking. He was in various hospitals before coming to this institution six years ago.

Klara Kosova came here as a baby from Pristina, diagnosed as retarded. She spends much of her day helping to change diapers and feed the smallest children on her ward. Here she carries one of the children the way the nurses taught her.

A patient gazes out the window of his room at a Serb house burning in the distance. Upon return to Kosovo, ethnic Albanians set Serb homes ablaze in revenge for the atrocities and devastation they suffered. Most patients at the hospital were…

The people of the ward for the most severe mental cases spend the day it rocking back and forth, mostly naked in a surreal scene on an area of the grounds.

A patient reaches out to to the day on the steps of the institution and talks to people only he can see.

Koshare, Kosovo, June 1999. UCK soldiers rehearsing a last salute to their dead colleagues before the funeral of 51 UCK soldiers.

Seme Tisht, Kosovo, June 1999. An old Kosovo Albanian refugee woman arriving back at her house from the refugee camps in Albania finds her house completely destroyed by Serb forces.

Kukes, Albania, April 1999. When NATO started bombing and the refugees started to cross the borders into Albania, there was a serious need for food and many refugees were desperate to get food after many days on the road.