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Punters taking bets at the Harold Park raceway, Sydney.

Friday night at Hollywood Park is 'dollar night,' meaning dollar beers for anyone with the appropriate identification. Though the alcohol is only sold to those 21 or over, it is readily accessible to the entire crowd.

Father and cowgirl head for a dance after the Pecos rodeo.

Rodeo outfits come fancy and plain. 'I wear a lot of sparkled-type stuff,' says Danyelle Rideout, geared up for a ceremonial ride in Pecos as Miss Rodeo Texas.

Sheer joy of performing radiates from Big Jack Johnson and family members in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

A mirror captures one of the two most popular shows in Key West, the sun set from Mallory Square, and the crowds who come to applaud it.

Soaring housing costs in the Keys have cramped low-wage earners together. Four people make ends meet sharing a floating home on Key West's houseboat row.

A cat and dog that don't always get along are much like humans and the rough foreboding landscape of the hill country. As much as they try, they don't always get along.

Artifacts adorn the kitchen and tell the story of 84 year-old Henry Schmidt as he enjoys a spring evening from the porch of his 100 year-old limestone ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

Albanian family tree relocating to another camp bids farewell to family and friends not knowing if they will ever see them again.