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The infectious personality of Elfego attracts the attention of a Spanish language TV crew interested in the brothers' plight.

Pincay's fellow losing jockeys carry him away after he reached the historical mark. His modest, hard-working attitude has earned him the respect of his younger peers.

Pincay warms up before his races by stretching out on a miniature wooden horse in the jockey room. Pincay has battled to keep his weight under 113 pounds.

A whirl of traffic embodies the wave of change that's sweeping through Vietnam. Even signs in the background show the conflict between traditional socialism and modern capitalism.

Patty and Craig attend a Chicago Wolves hockey game. Patty tries to fill Craig's life with normal activities although he is constantly battling complications from a form of blood anemia, Blackfan Diamond Syndrome.

At the Losoya's request, a city inspector comes to investigate the department to see if their sanitation violations were caused by the family or by the building's landlord. The City ruled that the family caused the problems.

Attempting to stay dry, Mavis Affum, 21, wraps herself in an old blanket to wait for the Section 8 housing opportunities list to open. Mavis was one of 500 people to wait in the rain for over 4 hours.

Moments after his death, Patty embraces her son as Bo phones relatives while the couple's pastor and his wife offer their support. 'Bob, why aren't we crying?' asks Patty. 'There is peace here. And that is Craig taking care of us.'

Strung up on a mesquite branch. Josh Kramer's 16 lb. yellow cat fish will soon be finned, filleted and fried.

Casting a skeptical look at a stranger's intention, this young cow might keep ranchers family fed during hard times.