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Pallbearers carry the casket of the children from a joint memorial service. Some of the siblings were buried in the same casket.

Nevelynn Stokes, 23, is led into court after being charged with arson in the fire that killed all six children.

Stephanie Greer, center, watches in horror as rescue workers worked to save her children.

A tear falls from the eyes of neighbor Donna Nowden as she comforts the father of a child who is trapped while rescue workers search for survivors.

Firefighter Tim Dangos calls for assistance as he tries to access the apartment where the six children are trapped. 'This was bad,' he said. 'I've been on for 14 years, and I've never seen one this bad. '

A distraught mother waits outside King County Jail for her daughter, one of 600 demonstrators arrested during the battle of Seattle.

A tear gassed anti-WTO demonstrator has his eyes washed with water provided by a gas mask-equipped demonstrator.

A demonstrator declares victory from the top of a burning dumpster in the middle of a main street in downtown Seattle.

An anti-WTO demonstrator is thrown to the ground by riot- equipped Seattle police after he jumped on to their armored personnel carrier.

A riot equipped Seattle police officer firing at point-blank range into a crowd of demonstrators protesting the meetings of the World Trade organization, the first skirmish in a battle that raged for three days.