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Two personal watercraft riders approach the shoreline at LaJolla, California, parting a group of schooling Leopard sharks.

Hurricane Floyd as seen from space.

Vapor Cloud formed at the instant the sound barrier is broken.

A riot equipped Seattle police officer firing at point-blank range into a crowd of demonstrators protesting the meetings of the World Trade organization.

A new life for Kosovar refugees in the U.S.. Neighborhood boys look up words in an Albanian translation book so they can communicate with Kosovar refugees, Ditran Pilana, second from left, and his brother Agron, far right.

Worshipers at midnight Mass during the pilgrimage to San Lazarus in El Rincon, Cuba, December 17th, 1999.

A non-violent WTO protester is arrested in a park in the no protests zone declared by Seattle Mayor Paul Schell.

Rainbow/PUSH coalition supporters Revs. Marshall Hatch, left, Jimmy Waddell and James Meeks are ignored by school officials while trying to arrange a meeting to reinstate six students expelled for fighting in Decatur, Illinois.

A paratrooper carries the baby followed by her mother after their evacuation from their destroyed home to the International Airport of Maiquetia, Venezuela, December 19th, 1999, after floods and mudslides have raised the death toll to over 1000.

Anti-Communist protesters kick and chase an unidentified man who threw a bottle through car window, disrupting a peaceful protest at the Hi Tek Video in Little Saigon. Thousands gathered for weeks protesting the hanging of the North Vietnamese flag…