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Extremes in contrast are these costumes displayed at a Jewish hospital Benefit Fashion Show in Chicago. Rita Crenshaw wears a war-worker's ensemble for acid protection, while Kay Wells models the 'latest' in glamour clothes.

Assignment at the Hebrew Theological Seminary in Chicago during the Chanukah season, often called the 'Festival of Lights.' During Chanukah a ceremonial candle is lighted each day for eight days, commemorating rededication of the Temple at Jerusalem…

Photo shows soldiers in dark with artillery going off around them.

All available fire equipment was summoned to this fire, the Sears Roebuck and Company Warehouse in Gary, which Mr. Lukmann describes as a 'pyromaniacs dream come true.' The blaze, which might have wiped out an entire block, was confined to the…

Fritz Dietl and Bruce Clark, stars of the Sonja Henie show, cast their shadows before them...Picture taken at the Chicago Times ice Carnival.

Used a Eastman portable Kodatron strobe which operates at 1/30,000 of a second. The picture is one of a series showing milk when poured, spilled, etc.

Taken at Fairmount race track, Collinsville, Ill., when Mr. Cavagnaro, seeking the unusual, found it in this 500-lb. man and his horse.

Taken in Chicago where women guards use dogs to patrol one of world's big army depots. Dog was aggravated by Negro helper waving a stick. A 50-foot safety rope, in case the dog broke loose, was held by a 200-lb. trainer. Mr. Jansen reports, 'the…

Children on scale.

To present 'rat's eye view,' a hole was cut with an ice pick to get gnawing effect. The cat's hungry look resulted from a piece of liver near camera.