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These men are with the 34th Division of the Fifth Army. They were in the African and Italian campaigns, and have since been reassigned or discharged.

Aachen, Germany, becomes darkened by exploding shells as Yank Artillery men move their gun into position at the corner of Bismarck Street. Day after this picture was taken by Brandt for Acme and the War Pool, it was announced that the American First…

In a vain effort to break the tape Barth Allegro, New Ultrecht High, N.Y., lunges at the finish line. The camera catches him falling as he tries to beat Roland Morgan, Cardoza High, Washington, winner in a High School Relay at Philadelphia's…

Hatty Beverly, Negro domestic, leaps from tenth floor of Central Park West apartment into net rigged by police. Officer was being lowered when she jumped after three hours of indecision.

Fabulous, fanciful, fabricator of falsehood, was the label pinned on Antonio Icaza, Panamanian actor by Superior Judge Arthur Crum when Icaza testified to seeing too many details of the Jon Hall-Tommy Dorsey fracas. After this picture was taken in…

Made on the last day of the late President Roosevelt's campaign for re-election as he made his final traditional up-state tour. Despite cold weather, a record crowd assembled before the Poughkeepsie post office to hear the President speak.

When Mr. Bodine learned the soldier's family did not know of his return to the states, he decided to accompany him home from Ft. Meade.

Fugitive from a slaughter house is this steer which led harried policemen a merry chase before they roped him in an East River hideout.

Large building goes up in flames.