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Mrs. Fred J. Hughes, Jr., prominent Washington, Virginia, and Maryland horsewoman takes her horse over the jump, while her Great Dane leads the way.

Emmett Kelly, famous circus clown holding three-year-old Richard Caglione during New York's first circus parade in 19 years in Manhattan.

Photograph made for use with story on silicones. Purpose of project was to show how treated paper turns water and how untreated paper absorbs it.

Rosa Linda, tiny Chihuahua, demonstrates even pedigreed blood sometimes runs cold, as she presses against glass partition to keep away from English Bull pup at Los Angeles dog show.

O'day said 'I was in the City hall Press Room shooting 'cheesecake' pictures of divorcees when word came a witness had 'passed out.'' He reached the courtroom as the body was being removed.

Assigned to cover the Democratic Convention, Mr. Larson was given the job of watching the Truman family during the course of nominations. At the moment this picture was taken, Wallace was in the lead, but despair in the Truman family quickly turned…

Imprisoned in a crushed car, Louis Roemmer, Attica, Ind., calmly awaits extrication. He and two women in the car were uninjured.

Although the fire didn't make a picture, several firemen were overcome. Mr. McElleney noticed the Dalmatian, traditional 'fire dog' wandering among the stricken men. It was only a matter of patiently waiting for the dog to stop long enough at a…

Man with head bowed after auto accident.

After taking several record pictures at the scene of a gas explosion which killed two persons, Mr. Henderson noticed a man cleaning debris from the roof of his home across the street. Henderson climbed to the roof to make this picture.