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In tearful anger, Margaret Jo Nolton flings herself from the grasp of her husband, Jack Nolton, when he seeks to affect a reconciliation outside Divorce Court.

The only member of her sex to be represented in the Second Annual Fifty-Print-Show, this picture by Miss Collins was taken when Mr. Truman made a brief visit to the National Press Club Servicemen's Center.

The picture was made D-Day in Southern France (St. Maxime). It was a hot corner with intense fire from both sides. Germans coming out of their holes seemed more concerned about being killed by their own men than by our tanks. This was the first…

Photo taken at a Chicago police station of an ex-convict arrested for rape. Refusing to talk and objecting to the cameraman, the prisoner is resisting police officers as he is taken to his cell.

Photos show two men beating each other with pipes and hammers. Last photo shows police intervention.

Taken at the Democratic Convention Stadium in Chicago fifteen minutes after Mr. Wallace had entered the hall.

At the funeral of Lupe Velez, movie star, whose mother is collapsing against Lupe's brother-in-law, the soldier.

This picture is one of a series taken during the Iwo Jima campaign and was made with a 4X5 camera.

Robert Earl is flattened by Johnny Bratton in boxing match in Chicago Stadium. Earl got up to continue fight until his seconds ended the bout.

Seven sons - one shown in mothers lap and six others line the side of the bed.