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This picture, with the two children on the bed in this cluttered room, expresses pathos and is filled with human interest.

Braving bullets of trapped safeblowers, Policeman Arthur Olsen trades shots with desperadoes. Olson's face was injured when a gunman fired at him through a plate-glass window.

Mr. Hager reports, 'Dr. George Haggard, oldest practicing physican in Minnesota, posed a bit formally at first, but relaxed when he began talking about the evils of liquor.

Miss Minnesota in Atlantic City pageant sobs after failing to receive first prize. The Miss America award went to Miss Memphis--not shown--and Miss Minnesota finished second.

Opening the damper of her furnace, a Chicago woman was startled to find this owl, which apparently had fallen down the chimney, staring at her. Difficulty was to 'shoot' the bird with its eyes wide open, since it promptly closed them when lights were…

An unusual series of pictures made during rehearsal of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. These Speedlite recordings show Eugene Ormandy, guest conductor wielding the baton.

Most train-in-water pictures are side views, lending emphasis to rushing flood waters. The stillness of the water here, with the peaceful ripples and the overhead camera position, makes this shot unique.

Flood that inundated about half of southern Florida. Picture taken from an airplane.

This lead-and silver-mining town seems to have a touch of the Swiss Alps. It is located high in the Rocky Mountains between Tennessee Pass and Leadville, Colorado.

Another of the all too few humorous pictures, this one is remarkable because of the human quality of the baby chimpanzee.