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After a couple of eggs had fallen out of the nest, and had been incubated over the pilot light of a gas range, one of them hatched. Next step was to learn how to feed the bird. Humane Society recommended eye dropper method shown here.

An amateur painter perched precariously on a high box as he paints the bathroom under the watchful eye of his wife.

Picture made in the dressing room the day the Cubs lost their first game of the series.

Betty Ann Rose, 2, hugging the puppy she picked out at the dog pound.

The little, unabashed charmer in the law's hands in Brooklyn station house is 2-year-old Sharon Bedell. 'Clad in sheer innocence,' said the Daily Mirror caption, 'she was found taking a stroll as cool as you please.' The cops understood -- but…

The sun, sea, Statue of Liberty and the Carrier USS Midway, all combine to make this striking study in silhouettes. Photo was taken from Whitehall Building as the Midway was outward bound to resume maiden voyage interrupted by Navy Day Ceremonies.

Because the rendition of the centuries-old English ballad 'The Hangman' was emotionally exhausting, John Jacob Niles would go through it only once.

Four-year-old Nancy Lawton, Mary Grove college pregrader, daintily pulling on her gloves as she models a 'Sunday Best' outfit for admiring young classmates.